Hi, I’m Lisa Subrize, a passionate, courageous innovator and business transformer. 

 I understand how tough it is to self-develop while trying to build and grow a business that meets industry standards, especially when facing personal and professional obstacles. Starting or growing a business can be daunting, so having a resilient strategic partner is key. 

my story

The quest for a stable foundation became the driving force in my life.

When I was 7, our home was broken into resulting in the loss of my mom. Growing up in poverty with my sister, our grandmother became our caretaker, including our special needs cousin.

This challenging beginning fueled my quest for a stable foundation, driving me to excel academically and embrace a highly adventurous spirit. I financed my education at the University of Tampa and the University of Southern California, betting on myself to face life's challenges head-on.

Lacking a stable upbringing, I dedicated myself to building a solid foundation in adulthood. These efforts equipped me with valuable skills to contribute significantly to the success of companies dealing with foundational challenges. Throughout my nearly 20 year career, I've earned a reputation for being an out-of-the-box thinker, diligently working to assist struggling teams in achieving stability and growth.

ABOUT lisa Subrize

That journey led me to create Leading With Lisa—a platform designed to help organizations like yours grow, scale, and comply with your industry regulations

My business philosophy centers on authenticity, honesty, pride in delivering quality, and integrity. I believe in considering the needs of all parties involved when forming deals, and building strong, long-term partnerships.

Having seen the difficulties of business firsthand, I understand the profound impact of poor decisions on outcomes, profits, and even personal savings. Through Leading With Lisa, I extend a guiding hand to entrepreneurs and corporations alike, emphasizing the importance of integrity and genuine care in creating high performance. 

My journey is more than a story of success; it's a testament to resilience, compassion, and the belief that challenges are opportunities for growth. Join me on this transformative journey, where authenticity reigns supreme, and every obstacle is a stepping stone to triumph.


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Leading with Lisa.
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Leading with Lisa is a multi-faceted personal development, coaching, and consulting firm targeting various client segments, from startup entrepreneurs to C-suite executives. In addition to our core coaching and consulting services, we offer shared services support to assist small businesses in scaling efficiently, providing access to a team of specialists in brand development, web and digital strategy development, public relations, compliance, marketing, Human Resources, company culture development, legal, project management, accounting, bookkeeping, and strategic management.


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